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Instructions regarding the presentation of posters in the framework of the SFODF commission on demonstration tables, posters and audiovisual presentations.

Structure of the summary

A summary of the poster should be addressed by e-mail, in French, to Marie-Pierryle FILLEUL, President of the commission at the following address: sfodf@sfodf.orgbefore October 17th, 2016.

The summary, in French, should indicate:

  • aims
  • a description of the material and methods
  • the results
  • a discussion
  • a conclusion.

It should include no illustrations and must not exceed 1000 words maximum (spaces included).  The title should be concise and not exceed 10 words.  

The name of the principal author presenting the poster must be indicated first accompanied by an asterisk. The number of co-authors is limited to 4.

The summary must use Arial 12 characters, and present its definitive version, with key-words.    (For the choice of medical key-words, it is possible to use the following link: http://terminologiecismef.chu-rouen.fr/.

The entire text should fit inside a format 14.5 cm in width and 18 cm in height.

All authors must declare they have no commercial interest in the material presented and must supply a statement on their honor to this effect as an appendage

In the event of non-compliance by the author, he/she will not be entitled to re-submit their poster.

The summaries will be examined by the SFODF posters commission and will be transmitted, once validated, to the scientific commission of the congress.   

The author will be informed of the commission’s decision at the latest by November 18th, 2016. The list of posters will be posted on the Congress site as of that date.   

During the scientific meeting, posters will be on view during the entire exhibition event.  

You must bring your poster with you. The dimensions must be 1.00 m x 0.80 m. Means for securing the poster will be available at the event.

The author will present his/her work to the members of the SFODF Commission for demonstration tables, posters and audiovisual presentations to enable the awarding of a first prize of 800 euros.

The presentation before the members of the commission can also be evaluated by the commission with a view to attributing to one of two submissions deemed by the administration board to be validating full membership of the SFODF, provided the first author is a qualifying member of the SFODF and has applied for full membership. Full membership will be granted provided the qualifying member meets the following conditions:

  • he/she has attended four meetings of the association and two general assemblies since becoming a qualifying member,
  • he/she has presented at least two works deemed to be validating by the board of administrators, after consultations with the competent commissions.   


  • Monday October 17, 2016                                    Deadline for reception of summaries, in French.
  • Friday November 18 2016                                  Authors will be informed of the commission’s agreement.
  • Monday February 13 2017                                    Deadline for reception of the digital Powerpoint version (a single slide).
  • Saturday March 25 2017 9h -12h                      Meeting of the Posters Commission at the Casino Biarritz
  • Saturday March 25 2017 – 14 h                            Awarding of the prize for the best poster during the plenary session.
  • Saturday March 25 2017 – afternoon coffee-break   Compulsory presence in front of posters.


The list of posters (titles and authors) will be posted on the internet site as of Monday February 13 2017

The poster summaries will be published in L’Orthodontie Française in December 2017, following the advice of the Editorial Committee in compliance with the statutes of the SFODF.

The author of a poster is obliged to register for the Congress and to pay the registration fee.


Contact :

Alexandra Schaller

SFODF : sfodf@sfodf.org

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