Biarrtiz 2017 Scientific Committee


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Dear Friends,


This 89th scientific meeting of the SFODF will take place in Biarritz on March 23 to 25, 2017. We have drawn up an exceptional international scientific programme around the search for balance.


Balance and Harmony. We are all seeking this state of grace in the choice of the lives we lead, but also in the way we organise our work and in the treatment decisions we make every day in the office. The subject is a vast one. To make it as enriching as possible, we have focussed on the quest for balance in three different areas of our profession: managing our practices, therapeutic decisions and multidisciplinary treatments.


We have selected particularly talented speakers who are acknowledged experts on the topics they will address.


The pre-congress day will be led by one of the most brilliant orthodontists of his generation. Giuliano Maino will inspire every clinician with his scientific rigour and his avant-garde vision of orthodontics.


In addition, we want you to take home from the congress convivial memories of a wide variety of events: sport, music, gastronomy and entertainment. Your friends and partners will be delighted to escort you since we will be organising numerous touristic, cultural, culinary and festive activities.


Biarrtiz 2017



Sophie et Georges Rozencweig

Présidents of the 89th Scientific meeting

of the SFODF

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